Locate MSDS Sheets By Manufacturer

CHC Paint & Body Shop Supplies endeavours to provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) available. The best possible way to do this is to provide you with access and instructions to source the most recent, and up-to-date MSDS direct from the manufacturer. Please locate the brand you're looking for in one of the tabs below, read the instructions and then click on the link to locate the MSDS for the product you require.

If you are looking for an MSDS for an unlisted brand, please send us a message letting us know which particular brand you require an MSDS for.

PPG MSDS Document Repository


Enter search criteria matching the document(s) you would like to view, then click 'Search.' The results of your search will be displayed underneath the search form on the PPG MSDS Search page.

Be as accurate and specific as possible when refining your search.

Norton Composites MSDS Document Repository

Norton Abrasives MSDS Document Repository


First, determine if you are searching for Abrasives or Composites and select the correct link above.

Have a sample of the product handy as Norton's MSDS Search requires the full 11 digit UPC code to be entered before it is able to provide you with any results.

ITW/Evercoat MSDS Document Repository


ITW / Evercoat allows multiple search parameters; you may enter a keyword, product name or product number to search for your required MSDS.

IMPORTANT: If you are searching by product number use the 2, 3, 4 or 5 digit catalog number for the product.

3M MSDS Document Repository


To search for MSDS in the 3M directory you must first choose if you are searching by:

  • Product name/number
  • UPC (barcode) number
  • MSDS number
  • 3M ID number
Then type in the product details appropriate to your search type and click on the search icon.

Dominion Sure Seal MSDS Document Repository


Dominion Sure Seal allows you to browse through it's entire list of MSDS or to search for a specific document. No further instructions are provided regarding possible search methods or criteria.

Pro Form MSDS Document Repository


Pro Form provides a list of available MSDS; products without an available MSDS do not have a green checkmark next to them. There is no MSDS specific search available and as such you will need to browse through their list which is organized by product code/number.

Klean-Strip MSDS Document Repository


Klean-Strip offers two options for obtaining MSDS downloads. You can either choose to download their entire library of MSDS documents or you can browse through their categorize list, checking off all the MSDS you would like to obtain. Once you have made sure that you have selected all the MSDS you need, click on the blue Download button at the bottom of the page.

Farécla MSDS Document Repository


Farécla provides a link to each of its product's MSDS directly on the products information page; to obtain an MSDS from Farécla, navigate to the products specific page and underneath the photo of the product you will see a red document icon labelled MSDS Sheet. If this icon is not visible it may just be that Farécla does not provide MSDS documentation for that specific product.

SEM MSDS Document Repository


SEM Repair & Refinishing Products provide complete bundles of their MSDS available for download. The bundles are organized by language. The bundles include their entire catalogue of MSDS documentation, so if you want any one product you will need to download the entire repository.

LORD MSDS Document Repository


To search for MSDS documenation on the Lord site try searching by product name or UPC.

DeVilbiss MSDS Document Repository


DeVilbiss list all of their MSDS documentation on a single page. Browse through the list and download the MSDS files that you require.